The greatest compliment we can receive is a personal referral from a friend or family member. The growth in our business is largely the result of referrals. We are never too busy to talk to your friends or family members. Please pass our information along to those who might benefit from a conversation with our firm. We recognize financial advice is needed now more than ever. Individuals and families need help managing their financial affairs. Many face critical financial decisions regularly but do not have the time or inclination to review alternatives. Forrest Financial Services can provide specific advice and action plans.

Financial Health Check Up - No Charge – One hour initial consultation. Includes net worth review and recommends next steps.

Ongoing Asset Management – Starting at 1% per year.

401(k) / Retirement Plan Review - $200 - 401(k) balance review, projections at current funding, suggested funding change, model review, allocation and investment selection.

Investment Portfolio Review - $200 – Analysis of current investments including allocation and alternatives.

Saving for College - $150 - Review of savings goal, funding alternatives, recommended account type, funding change, projections.

Tax Planning - $150 – Review prior year tax return, current tax return checklist, recommendations, strategy, suggestions to mitigate taxes.

Tax Return Preparation - $TBD – Expert preparation by a CPA® complete with review and analysis of prior year returns and projected impacts of pending tax law changes.

Social Security - $TBD – Custom analysis of eligibility, when to apply, claiming benefits while continuing to work, strategies like file and suspend and free spousal benefits.

Budgeting - $200 – Personal financial statement review, suggested actions to reduce risk and reduce debt service, consolidation advice, budget goal.

Insurance Planning - $150 - Life, health, disability, automobile, and homeowner insurance review, discussion and recommendations.

Health Savings Account Advice - $75 - HSA explanation, financial comparison with traditional health plan, funding options, spending strategies, tax savings estimates, retirement impacts.

Estate Planning (introductory) - $500 - Estate planning checklist discussion, ownership review, estate tax reduction strategies.

Financing Major Purchases - $75 - Balance sheet review, debt consolidation or repayment options, financing advice, projections.

Hourly / Ad Hoc Advice - $200 / hour - Advice on any personal finance topic. Includes second opinion from other advisors. Also lease versus buy decisions, mortgage loan re-finance, social security benefit analysis, and Roth IRA conversions.

Comprehensive / Targeted Personal Financial Plan – TBD – Includes combination or aggregation of the above.