Tax Planning and Tax Return Preparation

We are CPAs and offer a full range of tax planning and preparation services. CPAs are dedicated professionals who understand the business of taxes and finance. Knowledge and training in tax matters enable CPAs to develop effective techniques that often result in substantial tax savings. We are here year round to help you with tax issues as they arise and develop a plan to minimize your taxes. Tax preparation is a component of our relationship with you. We can review your overall financial picture to find ways to help you achieve your goals.

Our planning services can assist you by identifying ways to minimize your tax liability.

Tax laws are changing and so is your tax situation. Planning can help you understand what you can do and what you can expect.

Individual Rates
Knowing your tax bracket allows you to estimate how a particular tax strategy will affect your tax bill.

Life Changes
Employment incentives, marital status, and children are changes that can alter your tax situation.

Paying For Education
There are several education related tax incentives that may be of some benefit to you. Section #529, Education Savings Account, and Student Loan Interest Deductions, are among the items that you may be able to utilize in your tax plan.

Planning For Retirement
Tax favored plans can held you build and manage your retirement nest egg. We can help make sense of the choices in your 401(K), funding IRA’s, and taking required minimum distributions in retirement.

Minimize Capital Gains Taxes
We can review your investments outside of tax deferred plans to make best use of unrealized gains and losses. Specific identification, average cost, or first-in first-out treatment may apply.

Track Down Your Deductions
We will help you maximize your expenses that are potentially tax deductible such as medical, taxes, interest, and charitable contributions.

Small Business Tax Strategies
Corporations or Schedule C decisions can impact your personal tax liability. We will go through the benefits of each if you have or are contemplating a small business to identify the type of entity best suited to your business and tax situation.